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SINOTRUK's 1st MC05 engine rolls offline

 Recently, the first MC05 engine manufactured by SINOTRUK Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd. has rolled offline and was delivered to SINOTRUK Jinan Commercial Truck Co., Ltd. This is the first time of SINOTRUK to extend its engine line downward to the field of light and medium-duty trucks.

Using MAN's advanced technologies, MC05 is a mature model in Europe. It is light, stable, reliable, highly above emission standards, and competitive amid increasingly strained global energy supply and increasing environmental deterioration. With a displacement of 4.58L, above Euro IV emission standards, it is an inline four-cylinder, water-cooling, four-stroke, charge inter-cooling, high-pressure common-rail engine. It has four series (MC05.14-40) with a power of ranging from 102kW to 151kW, filling a gap of SINOTRUK in the field of engines for light and medium-duty commercial trucks.www.

Miao Kongwen