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Sinotruk leads domestic industry in terms of heavy-duty truck exports for 8th straight year

 Sinotruk leads domestic industry in terms of heavy-duty truck exports for 8th straight year

07-22-2013 Yuan Tao Dazhong Daily

Sinotruk has been exporting heavy-duty trucks up to the Euro V emission standard. Sinotruk's exports have continued growing steadily since the beginning of this year. To date, Sinotruk has got export orders with a total of 14,000 units, continuing the lead over its domestic peers.

Technical innovation has become an accelerator for Sinotruk's leapfrog development, said Wei Zhihai, deputy Party secretary of Sinotruk, adding that Sinotruk's innovation efforts have paid off with bumper fruits on the international stages: Sinotruk has kept ahead in the domestic industry for the eighth straight year.

Sinotruk is a leading enterprise in China's heavy-duty truck industry. It pays attention to cultivating the capabilities of introduction, digestion, assimilation, re-innovation and integrated innovation, and has established a technical innovation system of developing new products and processes specific to the market. To date, Sinotruk's heavy-duty trucks have increased to over 3,000 models of 9 series from 78 models of 1 series in 2001, thus becoming a heavy-duty truck manufacturer with the most complete drive forms and power coverage in China's heavy-duty industry. Also, Sinotruk has won 2,218 national patents including 68 patents for invention as an enterprise with the greatest number of patents in China's auto industry.

Independent innovation does not mean working behind closed doors. From introducing Steyr's technologies to working with MAN, Sinotruk has been paying close attention to digesting and assimilating advanced foreign technologies. To narrow the gap with its foreign peers and reach a new technical level, Sinotruk forged an all-round strategic partnership with MAN in July 2009, bringing in MAN's complete set of advanced technologies. So far, Sinotruk has built an engine production line, an axle production line, a cab production line and a vehicle assembly line for the MAN project, and has been capable of mass production. Engines manufactured with MAN's technologies are about 15 years advanced than the world's current key engine technologies and are superior in design, process, materials and performance.

Competing with international premium heavy-duty trucks is the dream of generations of Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturers. In May 2012, the first batch of 400 units in a 2000 Euro V heavy-duty truck order from Brazil was delivered, marking the first time for which has China produced Euro V heavy-duty trucks and exported heavy-duty trucks above the Euro IV emission standard in large volume.

In February 2013, Sinotruk's SITRAK made its entry into Taiwan as the Mainland's first heavy-duty truck brand, marking a milestone in cross-Straits heavy-duty truck cooperation.

Hong Kong implements the most rigorous emission standard and the market has long been dominated by European and American heavy-duty trucks. Sinotruk's 300 Euro V heavy-duty trucks made their way into Hong Kong this June, marking the first time for which the Mainland's Europe V heavy-duty trucks entered Hong Kong in large volume and were registered in Hong Kong, showing again that Chinese heavy-duty trucks have been fully up to the world's most rigorous emission standards in existence and been on a par with European and American heavy-duty truck giants, Wei said.

China's heavy-duty truck exports topped 20,000 units in 2011 and hit 26,000 units in 2012. Amid the slump of the heavy-duty truck market, Sinotruk has stood out in international market development by virtue of its technical lead and is expected to export 30,000 units this year, Wei noted.