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Board meeting of Sinotruk Limited held in Jinan

On August 28, the 2nd board meeting of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited in 2012 was held in Jinan. The meeting adopted proposals including the semiannual business report upon deliberation, summarized the tasks in the first half, acknowledged the good business performance amid the market slump, and made arrangements for the market strategy for the second half, the product localization of MAN project, etc.
Present at the meeting were Sinotruk’s executive directors Ma Chunji, Cai Dong, Wei Zhihai, Wang Haotao, Tong Jingen, Wang Shanpo, Gao Dinggui and Kong Xiangquan, non-executive directors Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen and Mr. Schwitalla, as well as independent non-executive directors Prof. Shao Qihui, Dr. Lin Zhijun, Prof. Hu Zhenghuan, Chen Zheng and Li Xianyun.